How a dominant sees his slave

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There are many elements that are implied in the foundation of submission, but none of them can actually define it as it is because every submissive person is different. Therefore we can say that there are as many types of submission as submissive persons.
Submission nowadays is based on the slavery stories that we all have heard. Some dominants like to say that they own their submissives because they like to train them, to to improve their learning and so on. It is a little abusive and if you are in that situation maybe you should reconsider if your Master is the right one for you.
There are dominants who treat their slaves as sex toys. They only use them when they feel the need to play. But they are not the only ones, there are many relationships that don’t imply BDSM, and still, they use each other only for livejasmine  sex. So nothing abnormal here. But remember that in some BDSM relationships sex is not necessary involved, even if they can get sensual at times.
Did you know that there are BDSM couples who simply can not form a normal couple outside BDSM? Or vice-versa, there are married couples who can’t introduce BDSM in their lives because they have control issues. Because they are used to be equals and they simply can not dominate each other. So if you are into BDSM and you are single, start directly from the dungeon.
As a dominant you usually treat your submitted one as a tool and that is perfectly normal. There are slaves that don’t like pain or housework but they love to take bows and to act as you are the centre of their world. Doms usually choose someone compatible. For example, if they like to shout and to whip, they will have a submissive who likes pain and humiliation.
There is a category of dominants who like to play and to spoil their submissive. Imagine a little girl with her kitty, trying to make her drink tea and so on. That is how some slaves are treated and they love it, of course. They are the lucky ones. For those sex chat Doms, their puppet is like a treasure and they would do anything to keep it that way.

How to make extra-money from home having web sex on cams

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I bet you often thought about it, how to get more money to pay for your rent, bills, college and so on. Well, it is actually very simple. Videochat sites offer you the possibility to work from home, with your own webcam and so on.

The best part of streaming from home is that you are your own boss. You can choose to get online whenever you want and no one will be there to question you. You can take a vacation if you want, and you will actually afford one because this activity will bring you the financial independence you wanted so much. And also, no one will perceive you any fees, what you gain is yours and only yours.

You will have more time for yourself, without loosing money. So don’t worry that you will need to skip classes or you won’t have enough time to go out with your friends. More than that, you will be in the comfort of your own home, especially if you live by yourself. No one will ask you what are you doing, and no one will have to know. If you want to make sure that no one finds out about your activity, you can choose sites who provide this service only in other countries, other than yours. Don’t worry, your friends and family won’t find out so easily.

Nothing is impossible when it comes to money gained from web sex cams. You can find a client who will like you so much that he will enter online only to see you and to talk to you. Remember that a conversation can last longer than an orgasm and your smile will cost more. Be different, use every advantage you can to seduce men. They will run to you every time you will get online. Most of them are very rich people who are feeling really lonely and they need someone to spend time with. You only have to listen, to smile, to socialize.

Videochat activity doesn’t mean that you are a porn star. Of course not. You are free to do whatever you want, especially when you work from home. If you are smart enough, you will make your client go crazy only by talking to them, there will be no need to strip. But I repeat, it is only your choice, no one can force you to do something. Your obligation is to always look nice and clean. Take care of your hair, your nails, your wardrobe. Don’t be negligent with your appearance because the first impression is the most important. Always smile and try to be patient and considerate. If you are clever and sneaky, men will come after you like bears go after honey.

How bad you can end after a web cam sex affair

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I heard about a really sad story that happened in college with one of my professors. I don’t know if it’s all true but I think it should be a lesson for those who are consuming webcamgirls chat entertaining.

So there was this teacher became a drug addict and got kicked out from school because he was always wasted. The weird thing is that before that he was a beloved teacher and everybody respected him. How did he end like that?

Well, as I have heard he was lonely after his wife left him and he wanted to try something new. So he entered on some webcam sites to watch girls stripping and he became addicted to them on One of them really made him go crazy, he was all in love and he only wanted to meet her in person. What happened eventually? He sent her a lot of money just to make her come to him but that never happened.

He felt so desolated that he started to drink and to consume drugs. After some time the principal fired him and nothing was to be done for him.

Now he is ruined and nothing else could help him. He has no wife, no kids and no money or job. After the scandal no school wanted to hire him again so he is just a miserable human being right now.

So if you are in his situation just stop now. Don’t trust every shank on the internet, they don’t need money to pay the rent, that is just a lie to make you send them money. Don’t fall for such a hooker, there are real women who want to date you.

So stop hurting yourself with something that is not real and never will be, an online sexcam affair life is a not a good life, it can’t make you happy for long than a few hours.

Sweet experiences with CandyBBy

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CandyBBy is a gorgeous cam girl, always horny and ready for something naughty. Once you see her, you will become addicted to her sweetness. You can not miss this candy.
She is 22, and she likes to be called Helen. You can find her as CandyBBy on, in the cam girls category. She speaks English fluently, so you should have no problems in making yourself understood.
CandyBBy has one hell of a body. Those boobs with hard nipples could make anyone lose his mind. She has long, brown hair, which matches perfectly with her sweet brown eyes. She will wave her eyelashes every time she wants something from you, but you will find that actually cute.
This sex cam girl can enjoy a good virtual fuck like no other. She will turn you on in her sexy costumes, and then she will take them off to let you see more. If you see her without her bra, you have seen it all. Her nipples only want to be sucked really hard, and she will finger her wet pussy on and on until she finishes. She hates it when you stop before she cums, so do not make her lose her mood.
The best thing about her is that she is funny, and you will enjoy your conversation together. You will surely fall for CandyBBy, she is one of the most beautiful cam girls you will ever find. Let her seduce you and take you to dreamland.

Soft BDSM for beginners and shy people

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If you are thinking to introduce some light BDSM cams practices in your sex life, you should consider the safety first, yours and your partner’s. One of you may have issues with violence, and that is why you should talk first
Start with an open discussion about your sexual ideas, about your kinky fetishes. You may discover that both of you would love a power role play with costumes. Start from there. One of you will be the harsh police man and the other the naughty girl. Then switch places and see what you like the most.
You should know that some forms of punishment really bring pleasure and you should try them. One is the spanking. Don’t impose it to your partner just like that, firstly search all the posibilities. Start with a light slap on her touchie. Then ask her to do the same thing for you. There is a place named “the sweet spot” because it is the flashiest part of the butt and when you slap it it brings pleasure. This sould be a point where to start your experience with spanking. You will become a spanker and your wife a spankee or vice-versa, as you prefer. It is more enjoyable if you switch places once in a while.
If it is hard to introduce this kind of punishment in your relationship, start with fondling in between and then with light slaps. It takes patience for erotic spanking, you have to be aware of your partner’s needs. You want to bring something new in the relationship but be kind and you will see the results. If your companion loves you will understanf your pleasure for erotic spanking and will be glad to try it.
Maybe you are in the other position and your partner is the one who wants some kind of punishment in your relationship. Accept him as it is and try it, at least once. Maybe you will like it and you will continue. If you will go farther, you can also try with some objects like a belt or a wooden spoon. Don’t worry, it depends on you and on your other fellow on how hard you will slap him.
Punishments like erotic spanking can bring joy and sexual satisfaction, even much more than you may think. Just try it once and see how it is. You can also try the traditional over-the-knee spanking, all you have to do is to visit 24 for it. Especially if you are a man and you like to tease your wife. With her consent, put her on your knees and spank her butt slowly. Don’t be too harsh. Her clit will also be stimulated and her pleasure is guaranteed only by that. Enjoy this new sexual enhancement.